Reporting Year 2022/2023 – Employer Statement - Snapshot Date: 31 March 2023

Fujitsu General Australia And New Zealand (FGANZ) Values And Supports Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DE&I)

At Fujitsu General, we lead with our values to create an equally diverse workplace community with a culture that lets all team members, irrespective of their background or gender, feel included, valued, engaged, and encouraged to be their true self .

Diversity may result from a range of factors, including: origin; age; gender; race; religion; cultural heritage; lifestyle; education; physical ability; appearance; language; and more. We value the differences between all people and the contribution all individuals make to our business.

FGANZ is committed to an inclusive and engaging work environment and adheres to the following diversity and inclusion principles:

  • Decisions regarding recruitment, selection, training and development, or promotion are based on merit, performance, and capabilities.
  • We embrace fairness, equality, and inclusiveness, and do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, harassment, or victimisation.
  • Diversity and inclusion and equal employment opportunity initiatives are based on sound business objectives.
  • Diversity and inclusion are everyone’s business; it is part of how our organisation works.


The Gender Pay Gap (GPG)

Fujitsu General Australia and Fujitsu General New Zealand are leading providers of cutting-edge heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions, specialising in a comprehensive range of air conditioning systems and building control technologies. Our expertise spans across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and building control and optimisation, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

FGANZ has continued to see the GPG reduce year on year within our organisation, and our 2022-23 gender pay gap shows a significant reduction of 4.5 percentage points (average mean total remuneration). This progress demonstrates that the strategies we have implemented are assisting us to move in the right direction.

Our GPG is reflective of having a lower proportion of females in senior and executive leadership roles in a male dominated industry, along with a higher proportion of females in our lower paid roles. There continues to be a limited number of females completing the refrigeration mechanical trade and working in air conditioning sales. Further, employees are seeking greater entitlements, and our benefit policies require adjustment to ensure we make every role attractive to female job seekers

Our Gender Pay gap Over time:

How Are We Building A More Inclusive Culture?

Diversity Goals

We regularly measure and report on our diversity and inclusion objectives, and have made progress by:

  • Establishing goals for gender equity at all levels within the organisation.
  • Establishing goals for representation of under-represented groups within the organisation.
  • Implementing initiatives to address any identified pay equity gaps.
  • Implementing leadership and training programs that promote equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion practices, and a diverse and inclusive organisational culture.
  • Continuing to conduct internal interviews for those team members who apply.


Remuneration Audits

  • We conduct company-wide bi-annual pay equity audits. This is actioned in conjunction with our mid-year and annual performance reviews. The audit helps ensure we can quickly identify any emerging pay disparities and address them according to performance.
  • We complete independent salary reviews and analysis for individual positions. Leaders can make an independent request on behalf of their team member for a review. This process is outside of any disparity already identified via the equity audit.


Attracting More Women

  • Fujitsu General has a Diversity Council across its Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) operations. The council has been tasked with looking at increasing the participation of women in non-traditional roles throughout our ANZ operations. In conjunction with this strategy, we filmed several company videos showcasing some of the fantastic female team members we have employed in traditionally male-dominated roles to attract more women into these roles.

  • Fujitsu General became a preferred employer with Top 100 Women in 2022. Top 100 Women is an organisation that supports and celebrates women in the construction and related industries. As a preferred employer, we have been able to offer any team member an annual online membership to support their career growth, development, and networking opportunities.

  • All job advertisements have been designed with more inclusive and neutral language to encourage more women and other under-represented groups to apply for vacant positions.
  • All company policies have been reviewed and updated with neutral pronouns and inclusive language, along with a Diversity and Inclusion statement on our website.
  • Our company paid parental leave has increased from one to two weeks, and is available to all team members irrespective of gender or their role as the primary or secondary carer.
  • Team members who are on unpaid parental leave will continue their length of service for long service leave purposes.
  • As an employee benefit, individuals who are ineligible to receive the government paid parental leave entitlements will be compensated to the same amount by the business. For example, if they do not pass the income, work, or residency test.


We recognise we are heading in the right direction yet remain focused and committed to ongoing improvement through our key strategies:

  • Recruitment - continue to recruit and attract diverse talent with adherence to our diversity and inclusion principles.
  • Retention - ongoing recognition through salary reviews and bonus processes, and creating more opportunities for progression.
  • Benefit and entitlement review - consider an increase in the parental leave offering and flexibility arrangements.