• Evaluating the units heating and cooling capacity under varied temperature and humidity conditions
  • Testing the units air volume and air flow distance
  • Measuring units operating noise
  • Evaluating units durability to withstand outdoor weather extremes

This rigorous testing is aimed at meeting Fujitsu’s high standard of product quality and reliability.


Quality and control

All Fujitsu General factories globally have acquired ISO 9001 certification and have built a consistent quality control system to ensure high quality products are produced according to stringent quality inspections.

  • Receiving inspection – parts procured requires a suppliers test report
  • Stringent product quality inspection – carried out throughout the production process
  • Performance testing – air flow and sound
  • Reliability testing – environmental testing
  • Transport and handling testing – compression and vibration


Patents and technology

With our ongoing focus on developing the best air conditioning solutions for home and businesses around the world we have acquired a number of patents. 

  • Automatic air conditioner filter cleaning technology (more than 100 patents and patents pending globally)
  • Energy conservation technology (more than 120 patents and patents pending globally)
  • Optimised airflow technology (more than 50 patents and patents pending globally)
  • Axial gap motor (more than 80 patents and patents pending globally)

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