Fujitsu General Australia has launched an infrared Wi-Fi solution, called the anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi device, to remotely control a range of Fujitsu General air conditioning units.

Compatible* with new, or a range of existing Fujitsu General indoor units up to 10 years old operating a wireless remote control with infrared technology, the anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi device enables users to control their indoor comfort using the free, easy-to-use myanywAiR App.

The anywAiR technology Wi-Fi device is also compatible with a selection of smart home devices, such as Google Home. This gives the user the ability to control and monitor the air conditioner conveniently using a range of voice commands.^

“Smart technology is becoming increasingly accessible and consumers are seeking more ways to control devices remotely around the home. While consumers can easily purchase smaller devices or appliances with smart technology, it’s not always a practical solution to replace an existing air conditioning unit in order to enable the functionality,” explained Kyle Rafter, National Product Manager, Fujitsu General Australia.

“The anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi device allows Fujitsu General consumers to enable remote smart control on their new or existing air conditioning system using a simple infrared device with Wi-Fi remote control.”

With the myanywAiR App users are able to view or change the temperature setpoint, fan speed and louver position for multiple units; set the individual operating mode of each unit; view individual room temperatures; set timers and scenes, and turn individual units on or off, anytime, anywhere.

The free-to-download App is available via the App Store or Google play, and users can setup unlimited anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi devices using the one account.

Users will have access to the local Fujitsu General Assist in-house customer care and technical support team for all anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi device support.

For more information visit or contact Fujitsu General on 04 568 8761


*For compatibility visit 

^ Compatible with a range of Smart Home Voice Control Devices. Compatibility can be subject to changes made by these third-party companies.

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by Fujitsu General Australia | Feb 05, 2020