Fujitsu General Australia has announced it is celebrating a historic milestone in 2024, marking 50 years of continuous operations in Australia after launching in the region in 1974, nearly 40 years after it was originally established in Japan.

Fujitsu General was founded in 1936 in Kawasaki, Japan as a consumer electronics company. Over time, and with a strong focus on research, innovation, and developing products that improve people’s lives, the company now produces some of the best air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses worldwide.

Known as ‘Australia’s Favourite Air®,’ Fujitsu’s award-winning products have become a staple in homes and offices nationwide. Each product line is designed and tested at Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art research and development centre at its headquarters in Japan, which is also equipped with numerous testing facilities simulating a variety of air conditioning operating conditions.

Fujitsu General’s product warranties, reliability, and quality of products have created a well-known and trusted brand, backed by a 25-year ambassador partnership with cricket legend Mark Taylor, who continues to represent the Fujitsu brand with passion.

Phillip Perham, managing director, Fujitsu General Australia, said, “We have seen Fujitsu General grow from strength to strength since entering the Australian market 50 years ago, evolving into a household name that is trusted by countless families across the country. And it’s not just homeowners that put their confidence in the Fujitsu name; long-term partnerships, such as the one Fujitsu General Australia shares with brand ambassador, Mark Taylor, our ongoing commitment to the Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation and our 10-year partnership with Essendon Bombers AFL Football Club, are testament to the trust placed in Fujitsu and how integral the brand is to Australian lives.”

Mark Taylor, brand ambassador, Fujitsu General Australia, said, “Fujitsu has been keeping Australians comfortable for 50 years, and it’s an honour to be part of that journey. The brand has won multiple awards over the years, with Australians consistently selecting Fujitsu as their trusted brand in air conditioning.”Fujitsu General is not only a much-loved brand for consumers; the company’s values of taking ownership, acting positively, showing respect, and striving for excellence can be seen in employees who love working for the brand and in how the organisation has embraced its community through its Modern Slavery Statement, sustainable business practices, and volunteering program.

For example, beyond adhering to environmental regulations in its business operations, Fujitsu General is also actively pursuing environmental protection activities aimed at conserving energy and natural resources as well as practicing the principles of the 3Rs: reduce; reuse; and recycle.

As part of the global Fujitsu General Limited (FGL) network, Fujitsu General Australia is working on decarbonisation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to help achieve the FGL goal of carbon neutral.

Phillip Perham, said, “Fujitsu General Australia has shifted to using 100 per cent renewable energy and zero-emission products at all locations, and is in the process of switching its company fleet vehicles to hybrids where feasible. All initiatives are reviewed regularly and evaluated on their ongoing performance.”

Fujitsu General Australia has also expanded its R32 product offering, which is now available for most Fujitsu air conditioners under 16kW. With a 67 per cent lower ‘global warming potential factor’* compared to the commonly used R410A refrigerant, R32 offers equivalent air conditioner performance with reduced environmental impact.

Phillip Perham, said, “As an organisation, Fujitsu General Australia is committed to innovation and remaining agile. Energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, automation, and smart climate control are at the top of the agenda as the company continues to look to the future and the next 50 years.”

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by Fujitsu General Australia | May 17, 2024