As Fujitsu General Australia’s brand ambassador for the past 25 years, cricket legend Mark Taylor has not only represented the Fujitsu brand with passion, but the quarter-century collaboration has been matched by a shared desire to do good within local communities.

In the spirit of celebrating Mark Taylor’s 25 year milestone local sporting clubs were engaged through the ‘Support Your Local Sports Club’ competition, which included giving away cash and air conditioning prizes to help boost the viability of clubs.

Phillip Perham, Fujitsu General Australia Managing Director, said, “We value our partnership with Mark and wanted to really celebrate who he is as a person, as an Australian sports icon, and as our brand ambassador. We launched this competition with the aim of helping sports clubs that had been through hard times. Individuals were given the opportunity to nominate their local club for the chance to win $5,000 worth of air conditioning, plus a $5,000 or $10,000 cash grant.”

After receiving nominations for local sports clubs across Australia, four winners have now been announced:

NSW: Camden Sports Club

A beloved sports hub where both young and old enjoy a range of sporting activities such as lawn bowls , Camden Sports Club, also known as ‘Sporties,’ was impacted by flooding three times in 2022. While the local community pulled together to undertake a massive clean-up after each flood, there was still a lot of damage, including to technology and furniture, that required repairs or replacement. As winners of a $10,000 cash grant and $5,000 worth of air conditioning, Sporties plans to invest in comfortable upgrades that will once again ensure its elderly and young members can enjoy their community sports.

Melbourne: Northern Stars Little Athletics Club

Northern Stars Little Athletics Club provides a range of sporting and gym activities for kids aged five to 16. However, the club has been relying on old athletic equipment and the efforts of volunteers. Thanks to a $10,000 cash grant and $5,000 worth of air conditioning from Fujitsu General, the coaches and volunteers will be able to benefit from enhanced training and upgraded equipment. This will allow the team to focus on attracting more young athletes, particularly girls who often fall away from sports in their teens.

Perth: Glen Forrest Tennis Club

Established in 1904, Glen Forrest Tennis Club has been an integral part of its local community for almost 120 years. However, in November 2022, the club suffered a devastating fire that wiped out most of its history. Honour boards, trophies, and shields were lost, and the community was left without a clubhouse and unable to provide for visiting senior and junior pennant teams. The fire also completely melted the air conditioning unit, a vital source of comfort during the scorching summer months. A $5,000 cash prize, plus an additional $5,000 worth of air conditioning awarded through the ‘Support Your Local Sports Club’ competition, will help the club get back on track and restore and preserve its extensive history.

Brisbane, Albany Creek Brumbies

Boys and girls aged five to 18 enjoy the facilities and camaraderie at the Albany Creek Brumbies rugby union sports club. Through the ‘Support Your Local Sports Club’ initiative, the club has been awarded $5,000 worth of air conditioning and a $5,000 cash prize. This funding will be used towards enhancing facilities and constructing a fully air-conditioned gym, while also supporting the development of junior players.

Supporting local clubs is a cause close to Taylor’s heart. Having moved multiple times as a child, one of the first stops for Taylor’s family upon arriving in a new town would always be a local club.

Taylor said, “I naturally loved cricket. As for my mum and dad, it was tennis. Joining the local tennis club was their way of meeting people and becoming part of the community. We always looked for what sporting clubs we could join. They hold such an important space in communities.

“If you can make these clubs attractive to people, they will make use of the facilities, which have both physical and mental benefits. There’s no doubt about that.”

For more details on how Fujitsu General supports local communities and sponsorships across Australia visit our website

by Fujitsu General Australia | Jul 28, 2023