Fujitsu General Australia has delivered the latest innovation in affordable, durable and reliable air conditioner solutions with the launch of the new wall mounted Comfort Cooling Only range.

The new Comfort cooling only range features four models from 2.5kW to 7.1kW cooling capacity. Kyle Rafter, Head of Product ANZ, Fujitsu General said the Comfort cooling only range was designed to ensure maximum value and user satisfaction, boasting energy efficient features in simple user control.

“It is important that Australians have complete control of their indoor climate when outdoor conditions are hot and humid. Everyone should feel like their home is the most comfortable place to be especially during the Australian summer, and the new Comfort cooling range can help deliver that feeling.

“This range provides optimal performance in hotter climates, with a cooling operation range up to 50°C ambient temperature while remaining energy efficient and visually appealing.”

The Comfort cooling range’s superior energy efficiency comes from its use of R32 refrigerant, which improves heat transfer compared to the commonly used R410A refrigerant. R32 has a 67 per cent lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ whilst still maintaining performance[i]. Comfort cooling range units also display the Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL) and has a hot climate energy performance of up to five stars in a HOT climate in cooling mode and is Demand Enabled Response (DRED) compatible.

Its super-quiet mode means fans operate at low speed and produce less noise. Powerful operation mode allows the system to reach the setting temperature quickly, and precise temperature control enables the temperature setting to be adjusted by 0.5°C increments using the wireless remote control.

Other features include economy mode, program timer, Up/Down Swing Louvre, and Auto Restart to maintain ideal comfort levels, helping to minimise energy use without sacrificing indoor comfort. All of this control is enabled via the simple to use wireless remote controller.

The Comfort cooling range was designed to be reliable and able to withstand harsh summer climates, with silicone coating on high voltage components and blue fin treatment to the outdoor heat exchanger which improves its resistance to corrosion. The heat exchanger of the indoor unit also features High Corrosion Resistant Copper (HCRC) which is more resilient and stronger than standard or oxygen-free copper tubing when exposed to corrosive environments.

Air quality is also maintained throughout the home with the apple-catechin and ion-deodorisation filters. Fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful microorganisms are absorbed onto the apple-catechin filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples. The Ion-deodorisation filter deodorises the air by decomposing absorbed odours using the oxidising and odour reducing effects of ion generated by the ultra-fine particle ceramic.

“This new range comes with a five-year parts and labour warranty. 

Fujitsu is honoured to be voted Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand in the Air Conditioning category from 2018-2022 and awarded highly commended in 2023. Fujitsu General has also won the Best Appliance Brand award for 2023.  To be ‘Australia’s Favourite Air®’ means to be the best air conditioner company to deal with, not just a leading brand. Our in-house customer care and technical support team offers a high-level of technical and aftersales support, to ensure customers’ systems run smoothly all year round,” stated Rafter.

Learn more about the product range here.

by Fujitsu General Australia | Aug 08, 2023