Fujitsu General has introduced a new Wi-Fi adaptor to its anywAiR® technology range, further empowering users to save energy and personalise comfort by controlling their air from anywhere with smart climate control.

 “The new anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II expands on Fujitsu General’s commitment to innovation with the latest revolution in home climate control providing an enhanced product experience for installers and consumers alike,” Fujitsu General Head of Product ANZ Kyle Rafter said.

 “Packed with smart energy management features, mobile control, automation, and more, the anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II lets users implement energy efficiency strategies without sacrificing home comfort.”

The Wi-Fi adaptor II plugs directly into a range of compatible* Fujitsu General air conditioner models supported by a UART port, including the wall mounted Lifestyle range indoor unit. The new anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II is easy to install and is supported by an intuitive mobile app that lets users take control of their comfort with voice-assistant friendly technology that is compatible with a range of smart home voice control devices.

 Additionally, the new anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II is covered by a five-year warranty and supported by online customer support for smart home integration, problem-solving, and comfort around the clock, from anywhere.

"Smart air conditioners are the future, and Fujitsu General is proud to be part of the revolution, empowering users with intuitive devices that offer both climate control and comfort control with convenience,” Kyle Rafter said.

 The myanywAiR® Next smartphone app supports the anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II, revolutionising home climate control and letting users effortlessly adjust and optimise their air conditioner from anywhere.  Additional smart features can be accessed by subscription to myanywAiR® Next PLUS via the app which provides exclusive advanced features that further elevate the smart climate control experience.

  myanywAiR® Next app basic features include:

  • mobile control for anytime, anywhere device control from mobile, tablet, or computer
  • timer control that lets users turn devices on or off at specific times for comfort and energy savings
  • the ability to schedule personalisation for different days and times
  • climate react to power air conditoning devices based on predetermined temperatures automatically
  • geofencing using geolocation to turn devices on or off based on user proximity
  • filter reminders based on artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with regular maintenance
  • share device capabilities for multiple users and devices
  • smart automation enable rules to be set to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings.


myanywAiR® Next PLUS subscription enables the user to access additional app features including:

  • full graphs, including room temperature and humidity data, along with user activity logs
  • weather and pollution feature providing users with real time air quality and weather data
  • auto-off with a recurring failsafe timer for automatic deactivation of the air conditioning unit
  • coil dry to ensure residual condensation on the indoor coil is dried out to reduce the potential for mould growth
  • user management for improved energy efficiency using temperature and setting restrictions
  • pure boost powered by AI to adjust the air conditioners mode according to conditions and outside temperatures
  • statistics to empower users to optimise their air con usage
  • Optimus powered by machine learning (ML) to identify anomalies and suggest energy saving optimisations.


For more information on the new anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II, including the supporting myanywAiR® Next app, see here or contact Fujitsu General on 1300 882 201. 

* Compatible with Fujitsu General models that have a UART port. A licenced installer and an additional cable will be required for all installations in air conditioning units outside of the Lifestyle range.

by Fujitsu General Australia | Oct 23, 2023