Fujitsu General Australia has announced the recipients of its Fujitsu Free Money 2023 promotion, sharing $250,000 with 10 lucky winners across Australia to celebrate its 25-year partnership with ambassador Mark Taylor. As both temperatures and the cost of living continue to rise, 10 lucky Fujitsu customers have received a life-changing $25,000 after purchasing an eligible Fujitsu air conditioner.

Philip Perham, managing director, Fujitsu General Australia and New Zealand, said, “Fujitsu General Australia is thrilled to help ease the cost of living for 10 of our loyal customers this year. At a time when both energy and cost efficiency are on everyone’s mind, we’re committed to doing our part to help ease the burden of bill shock for our customers.

“We also wanted to commemorate a successful 25-year partnership with our ambassador, Mark Taylor, while giving back to some of our loyal customers, many of whom have been with us almost as long as Mark.”

The Fujitsu Free Money promotion was originally introduced as an installation bonus more than 15 years ago and has evolved over time to become an opportunity for Fujitsu General Australia to give back to its loyal customers. As part of Fujitsu Free Money 2023, customers who purchased an eligible Fujitsu air conditioner during the promotional purchase period between 3 April 2023 to 31 July 2023, and lodged a claim by 29 September 2023, received a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $450. An additional 10 lucky customers were selected at random to receive $25,000 each. The winners of the competition draw were J. Simpson, R. Cluderay, B. Ridley, F. Bova, N. Gorham, M. Grice, S. Holmes, J. Hunter, A. Sharma, and K. Howitt.

Nigel Gorham from New South Wales said, “I’ve used the same air conditioning guy for 25 years, and I’ve only ever had Fujitsu installed, so when it came time for a new air conditioner, it was an easy choice. I didn’t even think about the competition beyond the initial cashback offer. Even after eight missed calls from Fujitsu’s head office, I still didn’t believe I’d won. It’s such a surprise to receive such a large amount of money, and I want to spread more joy this Christmas by sharing some of the money with friends, family, and charities who are doing it tough this Christmas.”

Sarah and Robert Holmes from Victoria said, “We had a few bills to pay and were strapped for cash at the time, so we were happy to receive the initial cashback from Fujitsu with our original purchase. Little did we know that more good luck would be in store for us. We thought we were in for a tough Christmas, so it’s nice to have a little breathing room, and we were even able to pay back Mum and Dad who helped us buy the Fujitsu air conditioner in the first place.”

Ajay Sharma from New South Wales, said, “With a background in engineering, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Fujitsu. I was so surprised to be a successful winner, and needed a lot of convincing that it wasn’t a joke. An extra $25,000 will go such a long way this Christmas. All my wishes came true thanks to Fujitsu.”

by Fujitsu General Australia | Dec 21, 2023