Fujitsu General has launched two updated air conditioner ranges and a new wired controller that reflects the brand’s commitment to innovative design and energy-efficient climate control. These include the new R32 Ceiling Console range, the R32 Circular Flow Cassette range, and the Kagami wired controller.   

The updated Ceiling Console range, designed with an elegant, gently curved aesthetic, suits any room setting. It features nine outdoor models, ranging from 5.0kW to 13.0kW in cooling capacity (six single phase models from 5.0kW to 13.0kW and three units in three phrase from 10.0kW to 13.0kW cooling capacity).

For applications requiring multi-directional 360-degree airflow, the new R32 Circular Flow Cassette range is the perfect solution for retail spaces and offices. It offers a sleek design, an optional black grille, and eight outdoor models ranging from 7.1kW to 13.0kW in cooling capacity (five single phase models from 7.1kW to 13.0kW and three units in three phase from 10.0kW to 13.0kW cooling capacity).

Kyle Rafter, Fujitsu General Head of Product ANZ, said, “Both ranges offer an increased cooling operation range up to 50°C ambient temperature, improved heating capacity in low outdoor temperatures, and are Demand Response Enabled (DRED) compatible. All models also use R32 refrigerant, which has a 67 per cent lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ while still maintaining the performance of the air conditioner for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.[1]”  

The new Ceiling Console range’s super-quiet mode allows for the indoor fan to operate at a lower speed and produce less noise. The updated design and a more direct airflow has resulted in a reduction of the indoor unit’s Sound Power Level in most models by up to 14 per cent[2]. Further, the design changes has resulted in a decrease to the weight of some of the indoor units by up to 32 per cent[3] and the outdoor unit by up to 35 per cent in the AOTH54KBTA model. Its large front panel provides easier access for technicians to service the unit to keep it running efficiently all year round. 

The Circular Flow Cassette features a Custom Auto mode,  allowing the cooling and heating modes to maintain different set points and automatically switch between heating and cooling modes to maintain a desired room temperature The outdoor units’ redesign has led to a reduction of up to 30 per cent weight in the AOTH36KBTA range, delivering greater flexibility in installation.

With the exception of the Black Grille option, the Circular Flow Cassettes’ new units are compatible with the optional Human Sensor Control, that can either turn the unit off if no one enters the room after a set period of time or ,be set to auto saving mode where if the sensor detects no movement in a room after 20 minutes, the unit will automatically switch to energy-saving operation, modifying the temperature to minimise energy consumption. When movement is detected within the room, the unit reverts to its previous setting.

All air conditioning units are compatible with the anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor II, the latest breakthrough in home climate control, providing an enhanced product experience for both installers and consumers. It is packed with smart energy management features, mobile control, voice-assistant friendly technology, geofencing, climate react, automation, and more. It comes with a five-year warranty in domestic applications and three-year warranty in commercial applications.

Fujitsu General is also proud to launch the new, aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated Kagami wired controller, which has a mirrored glass design that blends seamlessly into any room’s décor. The sleek and stylish design won the 2022 Good Design Award[4] and was selected as a finalist for the 2023 IDEA Award[5]. The intuitive touch screen can be operated by swiping vertically and horizontally, allowing easy and complete control of the room’s comfort. The operation mode is indicated through LED lamp colours shown under the controller. The LED lamp can be switched ON and OFF to avoid glare at night. The controller can display a company logo when not in use and it can disable the display of specific system settings so guests cannot change them, perfect for hotels or offices.

Kyle Rafter said, “Fujitsu is proud to have been voted the Reader’s Digest ‘most trusted’ air conditioning brand from 2018-2022 and awarded ‘highly commended’ in 2023. Fujitsu has proudly won the Best Appliance Brands award for 2024, the second year in a row, scoring a high customer satisfaction rating for product quality and customer service. At Fujitsu General, we take great pride in the fact that our approach to business focuses on the people we service as much as the products we provide.

To be ‘Australia’s Favourite Air®’ means to be the best air conditioning company to deal with in Australia, not just a leading air conditioning brand.”

The Fujitsu General in-house customer care and technical support team, Fujitsu General Assist, also offers a high-level of technical and aftersales support to ensure air conditioning systems run smoothly all year round.

[2] 14% decrease for the ABTH24KRTA model. ABTH30KRTA has the same sound level as previous model.

[3] 32% decrease for the ABTH30KRTA model. All models except the ABTH24KRTA are lighter than the previous model.

by Fujitsu General Australia | Feb 01, 2024