Fujitsu General has announced that its Apple-Catechin filter, which features in the Fujitsu General Lifestyle range of air conditioners, has been officially approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. Close to 2.8 million Australians (10.8 per cent) had asthma in 2022[1], while a further 19 per cent have experienced hay fever or allergic rhinitis[2], making this exciting development a significant milestone for Fujitsu General in providing a healthier, cleaner living environment for those susceptible to poor indoor air quality.

Kyle Rafter, Fujitsu General Head of Product ANZ, Fujitsu General Australia, said, “Fujitsu General prides itself on providing innovative products that bring peace of mind to families across Australia while delivering outstanding performance. Achieving Sensitive Choice approval for the Apple-Catechin filter is testament to Fujitsu General’s unwavering commitment to creating healthier living environments for everyone, especially those affected by asthma and allergies.

“This recognition from the National Asthma Council Australia underscores Fujitsu General’s dedication to combating indoor air pollutants, and it’s gratifying to know that our technology can significantly improve the quality of life for those susceptible to respiratory conditions. Fujitsu General is dedicated to ongoing research and development to meet and exceed consumer expectations, ensuring their homes are safe from asthma and allergy triggers.”

Fujitsu General’s Apple-Catechin filter maintains indoor air quality by using a unique polyphenol ingredient derived from apples to absorb fine dust, invisible mould spores, and harmful micro-organisms through static electricity effectively. Its ability to inhibit and deactivate the growth of these particles contributes to safer, fresher, cleaner, and more comfortable indoor environments while aligning with the Sensitive Choice program’s mission to support products beneficial for those with asthma and allergy.

Fujitsu General commits to enhancing indoor environmental control through innovation, offering peace of mind and improved quality of life for families and individuals affected by respiratory sensitivities. With the Sensitive Choice trademark blue butterfly symbol, consumers can easily identify and trust the asthma and allergy-friendly benefits of the approved Apple-Catechin filter within Fujitsu General's products.

by Fujitsu General Australia | Mar 18, 2024