Fujitsu General Australia is set to make a notable appearance at ARBS 2024 and will feature its latest innovation, anywAiR iO technology, at the event.

This groundbreaking advancement represents a significant leap forward in smart building solutions. Named as a finalist in the Software/Digital Excellence category at ARBS 2024, anywAiR iO showcases Fujitsu General's expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) technology. By merging Fujitsu General's renowned air conditioning proficiency with Nube iO's innovative smart building solutions, anywAiR iO offers comprehensive comfort solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing building infrastructure.

At the heart of anywAiR iO is Fujitsu General’s commitment to sustainability. The suite of smart sensors empowers users to make informed decisions by meticulously monitoring electrical, water, and gas consumption. It seamlessly integrates with solar energy setups and incorporates indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors to enhance indoor air quality while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable future.

anywAiR iO is recognised as a finalist at this year’s ARBS awards in the Software/Digital Excellence category. Through predictive analytics, combined with advanced trending and alert functionalities that prevent excessive energy and water use, anywAiR iO ensures optimised equipment performance and timely maintenance to further bolster energy efficiency and sustainability.

anywAiR iO directly benefits customers and the industry alike, offering a comprehensive solution to the limitations of conventional building management systems (BMS). Its affordability, swift deployment, and scalability redefines industry standards, significantly reducing installation costs and accelerating IoT deployment to pave the way for widespread adoption of smart building solutions.

Fujitsu General’s integrated approach eliminates the fragmentation often seen in HVAC systems, fostering collaboration and coherence between contractors and manufacturers. The anywAiR iO system's compatibility extends to all facets of a building's operation, supporting NABERS and Greenstar compliance effortlessly.

Fujitsu General will also feature innovative technology at ARBS 2024, enhancing engagement and showcasing the future-forward nature of the anywAiR iO solutions.

Register online here and visit the Fujitsu General team at stand #308/309 on the 28th - 30th of May at the International Convention Centre Sydney to experience the new anywAiR iO system.

by Fujitsu General Australia | May 07, 2024