Product Category Airstage VRF
Product Range J-IVS Heat Pump range
Capacity 14.00kW Cooling 14.00kW Heating
Model Number AJT045LCLCH

Technical Specifications

Operation Type Reverse Cycle
Maximum Connectable Indoor Units 8
Power Source V/Ph/Hz 230 / 1 / 50
Capacity Class kW 14
EER Cooling kW/kW 3.31
COP Heating kW/kW 4.4
Total Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor Residential kW (Hot / Average / Cold) 4.917 / 4.21 / 4.321
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor Residential kW (Hot / Average / Cold) 5.39 / 3.931 / 3.177
Total Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor Commercial kW (Hot / Average / Cold) 5.437 / 5.484 / 5.879
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor Commercial kW (Hot / Average / Cold) 5.398 / 4.559 / 3.626
Outdoor Sound Pressure dBA (Cooling / Heating) 54 / 55
Outdoor Sound Power dBA 69
Outdoor Unit Dimensions mm (Height x Width x Depth) 998 x 970 x 370
Outdoor Unit Weight kg 86.00
Piping Connects mm Ø (Liquid / Gas) 9.52 / 15.88
Operation Range Cooling °CDB (Min to Max) -5 to 46
Operation Range Heating °CDB (Min to Max) -20 to 21
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Amount g 4,000


Key features

With a compact design and flexible piping options, the J-IVS Series can be installed easily where space can be limited such as homes, shops, and small offices.

  • Demand Response

    This product is designed to be compatible with Air Conditioning Demand Response program. When your electricity supplier activates one of the three modes the air conditioner switches over to the appropriate operation.

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    Flexible Piping Options

    Piping can be connected by using either separation tubes or headers to suit a variety of project designs.

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    Energy Efficient Operation

    Smart inverter and DC technology assist these units to achieve top-class energy efficiency.

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    Long Piping Capability 80m

    Our advanced refrigerant control technology allows us to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of up to 80m.

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    Powerful Large Propeller Fan

    High performance and low noise realised by the large propeller and angle optimisation.

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    Compact Footprint

    The smaller footprint design allows for greater installation flexibility.

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    Subcool Heat Exchanger

    High heat exchanger efficiency is achieved by using an internal projection shape with double pipe construction.

This product is part of the Residential and Commercial J-IVS Heat Pump range

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