Product Category VR-IV Heat Recovery
Product Range VR-IV Heat Recovery range
Capacity 22.40kW Cooling 22.40kW Heating
Model Number AJT072GALCH

Technical Specifications

Operation Type Heat Recovery
Maximum Connectable Indoor Units 15
Power Source V/Ph/Hz 400 / 3 / 50
Capacity Class kW 22.4
EER Cooling kW/kW 4.01
COP Heating kW/kW 4.59
Outdoor Sound Pressure dBA (Cooling / Heating) 56 / 58
Outdoor Unit Dimensions mm (Height x Width x Depth) 1690 x 930 x 765
Outdoor Unit Weight kg 262.00
Piping Connects mm Ø (Liquid / Gas / Discharge) 12.7 / 22.22 / 15.88
Max Height Difference m 50
Operation Range Cooling °CDB (Min to Max) -10 to 46
Operation Range Heating °CDB (Min to Max) -20 to 21
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Amount g 11,800

Key features

This system allows for simultaneous cooling and heating operation using one refrigerant system, with high efficiency or space-saving options.

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    Flexible Piping Options

    Piping can be connected by using either separation tubes or headers to suit a variety of project designs.

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    Long Piping Capability 1000m

    Our advanced refrigerant control technology allows us to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of up to 1000m.

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    3 Phase DC Outdoor Fan

    Efficiency is improved with the highly efficient motor with sophisticated drive control. Additionally, the DC fan motor exhibits low noise output.

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    Subcool Heat Exchanger

    High heat exchanger efficiency is achieved by using an internal projection shape with double pipe construction.

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    Multiple Outdoor Operation

    When multiple outdoor units are connected, a sophisticated operation is performed by each compressor. Rather than running one compressor at full load and distributing refrigerant to one heat exchanger, this control method operates all compressors at part load and distributes refrigerant to all of the heat exchangers allowing for the overall system efficiency to be improved.

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    4-Face Heat Exchanger

    Heat exchanger efficiency is significantly improved by the introduction of a new 4-face heat exchanger with an increased effective surface area.

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    Variety of RB Units

    1 to 12 port RB units are availabe to offer greater flexibility with refrigerant piping work for various floor layouts and building structures.

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