The arrival of a new baby can be an anxious and exciting time, and for many parents, having the nursery ready is an important consideration. Part of the new nursery set up may include an air conditioner. This can help manage room temperature for the baby, and for parents when attending to the child at night. 

Sleep experts link bedroom temperature and body temperature with successful sleep, and this is especially true for babies. Body temperature can influence the quality of sleep. Given some babies are initially unable to regulate body temperature1, bedroom temperature can have a significant impact on sleep quality and a parent’s peace of mind. 

A lowering in body temperature is generally associated with drowsiness2, which means a room temperature that is too high can lead to restlessness and poor sleep. Regardless of the time of year parents set up the nursery, the introduction of a reverse cycle air conditioner can assist with managing the room temperature all year round. 

These tips can help both babies and parents benefit from a comfortable sleeping environment: 

  • Maintain a consistent temperature
While research and advocacy organisation Red Nose does not recommend a specific room temperature for healthy babies3, it’s a good idea to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature in the nursery that is like the rest of the home. To help manage indoor comfort, a Fujitsu multi system allows you to install up to six indoor units all connected to the one outdoor unit. Whether it’s the nursery, or a parent’s or teenager’s bedroom, each space can be individually managed by remote control and specific temperatures set to suit the individual space.

  • Use program timers
Program timers help control room temperature around the baby’s sleep time, with up to four on/off times able to be set in one day. Some Fujitsu wall mounted split systems have a sleep timer feature, which changes the room temperature gradually by 1°C every 30 minutes up to a maximum of 4°C in heating and 1°C every 1 hour up to a maximum of 2°C in cooling to encourage a comfortable sleep.

  • Keep indoor air quality at its best
An air conditioner may run less efficiently without regular cleaning of the filters and maintenance. While filters can often be removed for cleaning, selected Fujitsu wall mounted units feature an apple-catechin filter that captures fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful microorganisms that are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity. 

Knowing the nursery temperature is under control, and that parents have created a comfortable sleeping environment for their baby, can help give you peace of mind to also enjoy a good night's sleep.

To find out what might be the right system for your new baby’s nursery, visit the interactive Fujitsu Assist Tool or contact Fujitsu General Assist on 1300 882 201 to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.