Many people who live in predominantly cooler climates around Australia, such as Victoria and Tasmania, may disregard air conditioning as a necessity, even during winter. There are many ways to heat your home, but reverse cycle air conditioners can be one of the most effective and energy efficient. Fujitsu General has air conditioners to suit almost every requirement. Investing in the right air conditioning system can help to create a comfortable indoor haven.

Consistent temperature and airflow. Air conditioners distribute air evenly throughout the room. The Fujitsu General inverter floor/ceiling dual console features omni-directional air flow to ensure heat is directed throughout the room, reducing hot or cold spots. During the winter months, your air conditioner should sit between 19°C to 21°C. The temperature is monitored via a temperature sensor, so no electricity is wasted by overheating.

Safer heating option. Using an air conditioner means reducing the risk of fires and burns as there is no heating element or flame.

Energy efficiency. Fujitsu's Lifestyle range of reverse cycle air conditioners contain features such as Human Sensor Control and economy mode to provide an energy efficient solution for heating and cooling the home all year round. Human Sensor Control minimises energy usage with the ability to switch the unit into energy saving mode when no motion is detected after 20 minutes. Economy mode will shift the temperature by one degree, to allow for a reduction of power drawn from the compressor.

Built-in programs and timers minimise electricity use. Timer programs are smart features to help manage electricity consumption. You can set up on/off or weekly timers for those with a regular schedule. 

Improved air quality. It’s a common misconception that all air conditioning systems use outside air to cool or heat the indoor air. In Fact, they generally use the air within the space. Fujitsu apple catechin and ion filtration systems help absorb fine dust, invisible mould spores and other airborne allergens to help deliver a healthier home environment.

Discreet operation. With more of us working and studying from home, quieter technologies are becoming more of a priority. Most Fujitsu air conditioners have a quiet mode function in which the indoor fan operates at a lower speed to produce quieter operation.

To find out more about air conditioning options to keep your house warm this winter, contact Fujitsu General Assist on 1300 364 484 to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.