The ongoing popularity of air conditioning, and wide range of systems available, means we can enjoy comfortable indoor environments all year round. To help your air conditioner operate at its best it’s important to maintain it with regular cleaning and servicing. Regardless of the season, having a system that is reliable ensures year round comfort.

Running an air conditioner that is poorly maintained can lead to inefficient operation and added energy costs. It will need to work much harder to cool or heat the home, resulting in increased energy consumption.

We have pulled together our top 3 tips to help you keep your air conditioning system performing at it's best.

1. Clean the filters and indoor unit grilles:
Every six to 12 months, clean the filter using a vacuum cleaner or wash the filter with mild detergent and warm water. Allow the filter to dry thoroughly before replacing. Refer to the manufacturer’s operating manual on how to access and remove the filter from the indoor unit. Dust also accumulates along the grilles of the indoor unit. Gently vacuum along the grooves or wipe with a damp cloth for efficient air flow.

2. Keep the outdoor unit free from debris and obstructions:
Like with indoor units, debris can build-up on the outdoor unit fins, restricting airflow. This can cause the compressor to work harder, leading to higher energy usage and increased running costs.

3. Have the air conditioner professionally serviced:
As we do with our motor vehicles, servicing your air conditioner is highly recommended for long term reliability and performance. Periodically a licensed air conditioning technician should visit for a system check-up, which can help address any potential issues such as blocked filters or minor gas leaks, before they become major problems. A professional service is recommended every one to two years, depending on usage.

Fujitsu General Assist is our extensive in-house service department which was implemented to deliver a high level of support to our customers. For more information on air conditioning solutions for your home, or if you have any questions about the features of your existing system, contact Fujitsu General Assist  1300 882 201 to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.