Australia’s warmer months often present an opportunity to enjoy beach days and barbecues. However, for many the heat is an opportunity to stay indoors and relax out of the sun. As temperatures soar in the summer months, and even stay high year-round in certain areas, it is important that your home is prepared for warm weather no matter what time of year it is.

Here are some tips to cool down indoors when the heat turns up:

Select the right air conditioning system

Keeping the home cool is one thing, but if the heat continues you may be forced to run your air conditioner longer than normal, and when that happens it’s vital that everything running efficiently to ensure minimal impact on your bills.

When securing an air conditioning system it’s important to calculate the size of your home and factor in considerations like sun orientation, insulation levels, ceiling heights and the general foot traffic throughout the home. All of these can impact how well an air conditioner will function when it’s needed most.

Selecting an air conditioning system that features advanced inverter technology, will generally be more efficient and economical to operate than old-style conventional systems. The inverter component allows the outdoor unit to vary its speed and output to match the required capacity of the indoor unit. They operate quietly, can handle temperature extremes, and reach the desired indoor temperature more quickly than a conventional air conditioning unit. The assist tool can provide further guidance on choosing the right unit.

The smart ways to use your air conditioning system

It is important to know how to use an air conditioning unit and make the most of its functionality and features in order to keep your home cool. Running an air conditioning unit inefficiently can result in unstable temperatures and shock energy bills. Use in-built programmable timers to turn on the air conditioning system earlier in the day before the temperature gets too hot. Switching the air conditioning unit on during the hottest part of the day means the system will take longer to cool down the home and use more energy.

Operating intelligence is also important as it improves an air conditioner’s efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption. Fujitsu General’s wall mounted Lifestyle range include advanced energy management features like the in-built human sensor which can detect if a room is occupied or unoccupied and adjust the set temperature of the room accordingly to help save energy. .

If you have ducted using the new features of anywAiR® Technology Ducted Controller App may also assist.  The new SleepEconomiser feature will automatically adjust your air conditioner from COOL to FAN mode overnight from 10pm to 6am, it will then adjust itself back. This mode will save energy during hot nights and help reduce noise for sleeping neighbours.

If you have a spit system using the  new features of anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi adaptor may also assist. With voice assistant friendly technology, geofencing, climate react, automation, and more, the Wi-Fi adaptor II lets users implement energy efficiency strategies without sacrificing home comfort.

Take care of yourself

It is especially important to understand the smart ways to use an air conditioning unit to achieve better sleep, particularly in upstairs bedrooms where hot air can become trapped. Sleep experts link comfortable bedroom temperature and optimum body temperature with successful sleep. Our body naturally lowers its temperature to prepare for sleep, which means a room temperature that is too high or fluctuates in temperature can lead to restlessness and poor sleep. Use in-built timers to cool the space before going to bed, the ideal temperature to set is around 23 degrees Celsius, and will keep the room temperature at the desired level perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Look after your air conditioner

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit will help increase the durability and promote the optimal performance of the system, keeping you cool for many summers to come. Keep the outdoor unit in the shade, under an awning and free from any debris.  Make sure the air conditioning unit is serviced periodically by a licensed air conditioning technician. A professional service every one to two years, depending on usage, ensures the air conditioner operates as efficiently as possible.

To learn how to optimise the use of your air conditioner’s dry mode setting, you can find your unit’s product operating manual at

Whether it’s a whole home solution or cooling comfort for a single room, Fujitsu General has a wide range of air conditioning systems designed to meet the needs of any space.

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