Having an effective air conditioner installed in your home is a great way of providing year-round comfort to you and your family. However, it is important that you know how to best utilise your air conditioner so you get the most out of its performance and energy. Keep reading for air conditioner efficiency tips that maximise the capability of your home air conditioner.

Utilise Energy Efficient Features

One of the most efficient ways to run air conditioners is to take advantage of the timer feature. Fujitsu General air conditioning units are equipped with modern technology that enables them to turn the air conditioner on or off on a weekly timetable. The user is able to program the unit to automatically operate at certain times of the day and switch off at all other points, maximising efficiency while maintaining comfort. The most economical air conditioner temperature depends on the mode of operation. When cooling, Fujitsu recommends anywhere between 22-24 degrees, while 19-21 degrees is optimal when heating.

Human Sensor Feature

Some of Fujitsu General’s energy efficient air conditioners feature human sensor control. When in operation, motion sensors detect when the room has been left empty for 20 minutes and switch to energy-saving operation, modifying temperature to minimise energy consumption. When movement is detected within the room, the unit reverts back to its previous setting. The human sensor control feature allows you to maintain comfort in your home while reducing energy usage.

Use The Timer

Fujitsu General air conditioners come equipped with a range of timer functions that help to maintain air conditioner efficiency. Weekly timers let you program your air conditioner's operating hours for each day of the week. By matching the air conditioner’s operation to your weekly schedule, the unit is only working when you need it. For example, program your unit to turn off during the day when you’re at work and to turn on before you arrive home. This not only reduces energy use but also decreases wear and tear, which can extend your unit’s lifespan. A sleep timer can also be set, allowing you to rest comfortably throughout the night.

Close Your Windows, Doors and Limit Draughts

To ensure your air conditioner functions as efficiently as possible, close all windows and doors in the room that is being heated or cooled. This allows the air conditioner to perform optimally. Also, try to limit draughts as best as possible to ensure the cool or warm air is kept inside the room. Seal small cracks or gaps around windows and install weatherstripping or draught stoppers under doors to create a more stable environment.

Keep Your Home Insulated

Insulation is an important part of controlling the temperature inside your home. Studies have shown insulation can reduce energy use by up to 45 percent [1]. Insulation forms a barrier between the ceiling of your room and the weather conditions outside. This reduces the strain on your air conditioner and allows it to provide a higher level of comfort while consuming less energy. 

For more energy efficient air conditioner tips, contact Fujitsu General’s helpful team.