Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to remain cool when the peak of summer arrives.

When researching a new air conditioning system, many consumers claim to know nothing about the category. Using company websites, online product review sites, and looking for a trusted brand, will help when making the final decision.

Once the air conditioning system is installed, understanding how to use all the features properly can maximise the system’s effectiveness and efficiency. John Bourke, Fujitsu General’s National Product Manager offers three simple tips to use the air conditioner efficiently, and help create a comfortable indoor environment when it’s needed:

Don’t set the temperature too low. In summer, set the temperature above 23 degrees celsius to create a comfortable environment whilst minimising energy consumption. Setting the temperature too low doesn’t necessarily cool the room faster and can put pressure on the unit by making it work harder for longer to try to achieve the desired temperature. 

Use built in programs and features to reduce energy output. On particularly hot days, use program timers to start the air conditioner before the outside temperature gets too hot. Switching the air conditioner on during the hottest part of the day means it needs to work much harder, and takes longer to cool down the home.

Keep the indoor and outdoor unit clean. Dust and debris can build-up on both the indoor and outdoor unit, restricting airflow. This can cause the system to work harder, leading to higher energy usage and increased running costs. Wipe them down, and clean the indoor unit filters, at the end of summer to ensure they’re ready when the winter cold snap arrives.