What is a Smart Air Conditioner?

A smart home air conditioning system features advanced technology that allows you to pair your air conditioner with a smart home platform. This functionality enables mobile control of your smart air conditioning units, meaning you can remotely adjust certain features of the system.

How Do Smart Air Conditioners Work?

Smart air conditioning solutions are an efficient and convenient way of heating and cooling your home. Smart air conditioning solutions, such as Fujitsu General’s range of anywAiR technology controllers, use intelligent features developed using the latest technology to pair with popular smart home platforms. This integration allows users to adjust the temperature and other settings of their air conditioner using a mobile device. 

The anywAiR technology Wi-Fi Adaptor II included int he smart climate control range uses machine learning algorithms to understand user behaviour and anticipate their needs while optimising energy consumption. Using Wi-Wi-Fi-connectedvices, smart air conditioning systems are able to provide a comfortable environment on demand. 

With the ability to be controlled by your smart phone via the app, Fujitsu General’s anywAiR technology is able to enhance comfort in your home while minimising energy consumption.

Benefits of Using a Smart Air Conditioner

There are several advantages to having a smart air conditioner installed in your home. They provide several features, which may include:

  • Remote control: Turn your air conditioner on or off, and adjust the temperature or other settings remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Scheduling: Program your smart air conditioner to turn on or off at certain times of the day.

  • Geofencing: Use geolocation to automatically turn your air conditioner on or off based on your proximity to home.

  • Energy monitoring: Track energy usage and see the savings afforded by your smart air conditioning system.

  • Air quality monitoring: Your smart air conditioner allows you to monitor the quality of the air outside your home in real time.

Voice control: Integrate your smart air conditioner with your smart home provider, such as Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Is a Smart Air Conditioner Worth It?

It is worth considering a smart air conditioner if you value convenience, comfort and energy efficiency. A smart home air conditioning system combines the ability to remotely adjust the temperature in your home with features that help save you money in the long run. Fujitsu General’s range of anywAiR technology controllers can turn your air conditioner into a smart air conditioner.

How to Choose a Smart Air Conditioner

If you are considering one of Fujitsu General’s smart air conditioning and heating systems, there are a number of parameters that you should consider, including:

  • Your needs, and what particular features are important to you

  • Your budget, as this will dictate how much you can spend on a smart air conditioner

  • Your home’s size and layout, to determine what size air conditioner you need

If you require any more assistance or advice with choosing a smart aircon system, contact Fujitsu General today or see our range of anywAiR technology smart controllers.