For those looking for a whole home air conditioner for year-round indoor comfort, there are two popular choices available; ducted and multi systems. Both are packed full of features to keep your entire home cool during summer and warm in winter, but which one is right for you? This guide provides an overview of both systems and outlines the differences to help you decide which system better fits your home and needs.


Ducted air conditioning allows you to cool or heat multiple rooms, or the entire home using one system. For efficient operation, zones can be set-up to help manage air flow to different areas of the home. These zones can be switched on or off as required. For example, the air conditioning can be on in the living areas during the day, and in the bedrooms during the night. This feature allows you to maximise comfort and minimise energy wastage.

A multi system air conditioner is ideal when individual units are required in more than one room and when a traditional ducted system may not be suitable due to your home's design. Multi systems can cool or heat multiple rooms using just the one compact outdoor unit. Up to six indoor units can be connected to the one outdoor unit and the temperature can be individually controlled to suit the comfort requirements of that specific space. This type of system is ideal when the ceiling or roof space does not allow for a full ducted air conditioning solution.

Design and aesthetic

Ducted air conditioning is suitable for homes with plenty of ceiling or roof space, whether you’re building a new home or renovating. Ducted systems heat or cool the home using discreet grills in the ceiling. The indoor unit is concealed in your roof, offering quiet operation, and conditioned air is circulated via a network of ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity, with outlets in as many rooms as you wish.

A multi system is an alternate  whole home solution when roof space for ducting isn’t available. Offering a range of indoor units to choose from, including wall mounted, floor / ceiling consoles, cassette and slim duct units, there is a solution to match the requirements of almost every home, and room.

Features and functionality

A Fujitsu General ducted air conditioning system offers exceptional flexibility and energy efficiency through its inverter technology, programmable timers, and economy mode. All of this is operated using a simple, intuitive LCD back-lit controller for comfort customisation at the touch of a button. For those adding smart technology to their homes the optional Fujitsu General anywAiR technology ducted controller provides Wi-Fi control for a select range of Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems via a wall mounted touch pad and the ability to set up to 10 different zones.The anywAiR app is compatible with selected smartphone and tablet devices. This new technology enables users to control their ducted air conditioner remotely anytime, anywhere. 

With a multi system, each unit can be independently controlled via a remote control to help manage energy costs with power, temperature, air movement and timer operation all able to be programmed. Fujitsu General multi systems can be operated seamlessly via an optional large backlit LCD central controller to manage indoor comfort individually or simultaneously, just like a ducted system. The new 3-4 room R32 multi system is compatible with the anywAiR technology Wi-Fi adaptor II to control your multi system from anywhere by smartphone or tablet using the myanywAiR Next app. 

Getting the most out of your air conditioner means finding a unit that matches the unique needs of your home and lifestyle. To find out more about air conditioning options, contact Fujitsu General Assist on 1300 364 484 to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.

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Ducted vs Multi System Air Conditioners: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is cheaper to run ducted or a Multi system?

Both ducted and multi system air conditioners have a range of energy saving features that make either system a cost effective solution. 

However, a multi system air conditioner is generally cheaper to run than a ducted system. Not only are the units cheaper to buy in the first place, but they are easier to install and have lower maintenance costs as the units are more accessible.

Are multi systems more efficient than ducted air conditioners?

Multi systems have historically been more efficient than ducted air conditioners due to the extra control they offer the user. However, the ability to divide modern ducted air conditioners into zones has drastically reduced the cost of operating a ducted system.

Are there maintenance differences?

Both ducted air conditioners and multi system units require regular maintenance to keep them performing at their best. This process includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking refrigerant levels and inspecting individual components for wear or damage.

The maintenance schedule is generally consistent between ducted and multi system air conditioners. However, servicing a ducted unit may cost more due to the more restricted access to the system.

For more information and assistance deciding whether a multi system or ducted air conditioner is right for your home, contact Fujitsu General today.