The current high cost of living is hard to ignore for Australian's  across the country, with many households feeling unusually financially stretched.

Whether chilled to the bone in winter, sweltering in the summer heat, or anything in between - managing expenses while maintaining comfort is a delicate balance.

Particularly with traditional heating methods such as electric heaters and fans, costs can quickly spiral out of control thanks to inefficient energy consumption.

Fujitsu General offers a wide range of air conditioners that are a practical long-term investment for ensuring Aussies don’t have to break the bank to find this balance.

Equally effective in cost and comfort, Fujitsu air conditioners can be a reliable partner for saving energy with the following energy efficient features from our Lifestyle range:


  • Fujitsu General wall mounted units like the lifestyle range come equipped with versatile timer modes, permitting users to schedule operations according to their comfort needs.

    Allowing you to set your unit to turn on at a specific time or for a specific time period, this function is great for ‘setting and forgetting’. Whether it’s to turn on the unit right before you’re due to arrive home, or to run it for another 30mins after you go to bed, there is a range of options to ensure energy usage is optimised by time.

  • Economy Mode:

    Economy mode ensures energy savings without compromising comfort. By adjusting the temperature by 1°C at a time as needed, this reduces the power drawn by the compressor, and results in noticeable reductions in energy consumption.

  • Human Sensor:

    The human sensor is a testament to working smarter not harder! Detecting movement within a room, the unit can adjust operations to minimise energy wastage.

    If no movement has been detected after 20 minutes, the unit will automatically switch to energy-saving operation and modify the temperature accordingly, before reverting back to its previous settings once it detects movement again.

  • Wi-Fi Controls:

    Smart technology also sees Wi-Fi control options act as the ultimate tool for convenience and efficiency. From scheduling operations, to climate-reactive adjustments, to smart automation, these features put control right at your fingertips and ensure optimal performance with minimal effort.

    Split and ducted systems will see a slight variation in in energy efficient functions.

  • Filter Sign

To produce clean air, we require a clean unit – something that may often slip our minds.

Filter signs ensure regular maintenance of your unit, with the filter sign acting as a key reminder to clean air filters, thereby ensuring that the system is operating at peak efficiency.

  • Zone Control

Exclusive to ducted systems, whole-home comfort can be elevated by this function.

Zone Control allows the home to be divided into separate zones, where users can tailor settings to certain areas, with a precise control over airflow throughout the house. You can improve energy efficiency by choosing which zones are on or off, directing airflow to the zones only in use.

With the anywAiR technology ducted zone controller, further comfort and energy efficient control is enabled remotely via Wi-Fi and the anywAiR app including programmable scenarios as well as varying the air flow or temperature to each room*.

*Requires optional individual room temperature sensors to be installed.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about air conditioning options for year-round indoor comfort, contact Fujitsu General Assist on 1300 364 484  to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.