Your air conditioning system plays an essential role in maintaining comfort throughout the home, which is why regular maintenance is important to ensure optimum performance at all times of the year.

An experienced Fujitsu General service technician is an invaluable asset for maintaining your air conditioner and at Fujitsu, we recommend having your air conditioner serviced every 12 to 18 months. It is important to know the basics of your system, how to operate all the features effectively, and the signs to look for in case of any future issues. This can save money and time.

To ensure that you’re on top of the maintenance of your air conditioner, our expert team have done the hard work for you and put together a list of questions to ask when your technician arrives.

How do I clean my filter?

This is a simple DIY task to remove dust build up on the filters to keep your system operating efficiently. The frequency for cleaning may vary on the rate of use, however filters should typically be cleaned every few months. Most filters can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner, or mild detergent and warm water and should only be reinstalled after they have fully dried.

Refer to manufacturer's operating manual on how to access and remove the filter from the indoor unit.

What is the optimum temperature setting for winter and summer?

Your service technician will show you how to set the system temperature using the remote control.  It is recommended that air conditioner temperatures are set between 23-26 degrees for cooling in summer, and 18-21 degrees for heating in winter. These settings can help maintain reasonable energy usage and can prevent unnecessary strain on your air conditioner.

Check out our video on other tips to help you save energy.

What do I need to know about air conditioning modes?

Fortunately, most standard remote controls include a ‘MODE’ button that allows you to change between cool, dry, fan and heat settings. Your service technician can show you how to change modes.

Different modes help to provide optimum comfort in different conditions. From humid conditions to cooler temperatures, your system will be able to provide comfort in a range of situations. Your service technician will be able to provide insight into the most suitable mode for different conditions based on your specific system and location.

Click here for more tips on how to use your remote controller.

Can I get a heat load assessment?

If you’re buying a new air conditioning system or having a current system serviced because it doesn’t seem to be working properly, a heat load assessment is an important component of the quoting process. A heat load assessment is conducted by your air conditioning specialist and involves inspecting the property to match the correct size and type of air conditioning system to the space. This will ensure the most efficient unit is selected and installed for your property.

What maintenance can I do on my own?

A qualified and experienced service technician should be there for any major repairs and services, however there are several DIY maintenance tricks that can quickly address minor problems, improve performance and prolong your system’s life.

For your air conditioning system’s indoor unit, you should clean and maintain the air filters every few months or as required (depending on your system and regular usage), as any build-up of dust or dirt will restrict airflow and cause the compressor to work harder.

For those in areas that reach extremely low temperatures, you can also check that your system’s defrost function is working properly. The defrost function is a feature on every air conditioner and is designed to remove ice build-up which occurs on the outdoor coil during the heating process, when the temperature of the outdoor coils drops below zero degrees causing the moisture on the coil to freeze. If your system is defrosting too regularly, check for any obstruction of air flow, like foliage or dust, and check the thermostat settings to ensure that the output capacity matches the requirement. Your service technician can help to determine the best settings for your home.

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