Cassette air conditioners are an increasingly popular method of cooling and heating a variety of rooms in your home

What is a cassette air conditioner?

A cassette air conditioner is an air conditioning system consisting of two units, one indoor and one outdoor. Unlike a traditional wall mounted system, the installation is flush with the ceiling, creating a neater look. A cassette air conditioning system is far simpler than a ducted system, as there is no ductwork required and all the piping is integrated smartly into the building’s ceiling.

How do ceiling cassette air conditioners work?

The indoor unit is mounted to the ceiling of the space and distributes cool or warm air through vents on its sides. An external condenser unit is mounted outside the building like a traditional wall mounted system.

What are the different types of cassette air conditioners?

Compact Cassette

This compact cassette air conditioner is perfect for those who want an uncluttered look in their room. The unit features four-directional flow, automatic mode switching and automatic louvre positioning.

Cassette 4-way Flow

The 4-way cassette air conditioner suits larger open spaces, thanks to its larger fan output. It is capable of distributing air in four directions and features the same attributes as the compact cassette model.

Circular Flow Cassette

The circular flow cassette air conditioner is an omni-directional unit capable of seamlessly cooling or heating all parts of the room.

What are some benefits of cassette air conditioners?

 Even Air Distribution

As they are ceiling-mounted units, cassette air conditioners evenly distribute the air throughout the room, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce the risk of hot or cold spots.

Space Saving & Discrete Design

Cassette units mount flush with your ceiling, meaning they don’t take up any valuable wall space. This makes them ideal for rooms with limited space.

Cassette air conditioners also have a sleek appearance thanks to their flush profile. This helps to blend with the interior decor style of your space and maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Flexible Installation

A remarkable attribute of cassette air conditioners is their versatility. They can be installed in a variety of rooms inside your home.

How to clean cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are generally low maintenance. However, they still use filters that will become clogged over time. To clean the filter, use warm water on a damp, detergent-soaked cloth. If the filter is cracked or badly degraded, replace it.

Are all cassette air conditioners commercial?

While Fujitsu does offer cassette air conditioners that suit commercial buildings, there is also a dedicated range to suit private residences of all sizes.

Where can I learn more about cassette air conditioners?

If you are looking for an effective and minimalistic solution, cassette air conditioners are the solution. Contact your local Fujitsu stockist today to discuss how cassette air conditioners may be right for you.